Key Issues

Veterans' and Military Families

As a veteran, Greg knows the struggles our veterans face when trying to access basic needs. In the State House Greg will fight to Improve access to healthcare, education, veteran homelessness and employment for veterans and military families.


Our future is our children and investing in that future should be of the highest priority. That's why Greg will be an advocate for increasing funding in our schools, supporting our teachers, and preparing our students for their futures either through college or vocational training.

Family Support

Every family deserves the opportunity to take care of a sick loved one without the fear of being fired or losing a day’s pay. As your state representative, Greg will champion Paid Family Medical Leave and affordable childcare to support working families.


Healthcare is a human right. In the State House Greg will fight to ensure accessible, affordable healthcare for all New Mexicans. 

Environmental Protection

One of the greatest threats of our time is climate change. In the New Mexico State House Greg will be a progressive champion committed to addressing climate change and protecting our public lands, our air, and our water.

Economic Development

Greg believes that our small businesses are the backbone of our economy. That’s why in the State House Greg will drive growth and create jobs through support for small businesses and investments in infrastructure.